Gas-Fired Pizza Ovens

On this page Kuma Forni presents all its gas rotating oven models, perfect for pizzerias, bars and restaurants.

Because the rotating floor is made from a rich alumina material which absorbs and retains heat they ensure a constant and high performance. Thanks to Kuma gas ovens, your pizzas will be even more delicious.

The gas pizza oven and all Kuma Forni wood-fired, gas and gas/wood-fired ovens were patented thanks to unique features such as:

  • Always hot cooking floor;
  • The Rotating Floor is not only heated from above but also from below the floor;
  • Rotating floor is made from a rich alumina material which absorbs and retains heat.
  • Easy and fast control of the electronic components;
  • First-rate materials used for manufacturing revolving ovens;

The Gas-Fired Ovens come in 4 sizes:
105, 125, 140 and the Smallest is the SX85
See below for more information on each one

Certification AGA. 8268
Relevant Standards AS 4563 – 2004
Australia & New Zealand

Australia’s Only Certified Ovens
Kuma Forni Australia is the nations only AGA Certified (8268) Rotating Wood, Gas and Gas/wood pizza ovens.
This extends throughout New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Australian AGA Certified Woodfired from $25,000.

Classic & Dome models 85,105,125,140 wood gas and electric models available.

Kuma Forni rotating pizza ovens. First Australian AGA Certified

Gas-Fired Pizza Oven 105

The gas pizza oven 105 is the smallest Kuma gas rotating oven, it is able to cook 7 pizzas at the same time.

This oven model, which ensures a more intuitive operational management than the traditional wood-fired rotating ovens, enables the pizzeria to save both time and money: it reduces the pizza maker’s costs to zero as in case of a revolving oven he has not to move any pizzas. Moreover the gas oven 105 for pizzerias, restaurants and bars ensures a constantly heated and uniform cooking floor, thus serving perfectly cooked pizzas.

Specifications of the gas revolving pizza oven 105:

  • Capacity 7 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
  • Rotating floor 110cm
  • Depth 170cm
  • Width 140cm
  • Flue 16cm
  • Weight 1450kg
  • Heat capacity 29Kw

Gas-Fired Pizza Oven 125

The gas pizza oven 125 is the perfect solution for medium/large pizzerias and restaurants.
Thanks to their rotating cooking floor, Kuma ovens facilitate pizza chef’s work: as the gas revolving ovens ensure uniformly cooked pizzas without human intervention, the pizza maker has just to load the pizzas.

Thanks also to the automatic temperature control, the gas pizza oven 125 enables pizzerias to save money and to reduce pizza maker’s costs.

Like all other models, the gas pizza oven 125 is equipped with an innovative and technological control panel, real feather in Kuma’s cap, which enables you to check the temperature, to know when pizzas are almost ready, to control the oven by using a control Panel and much more.

Specifications of the gas-fired rotating pizza oven 125:

  • Capacity 9 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
  • Rotating floor 125cm
  • Depth 190cm
  • Width 165cm
  • Flue 16cm
  • Weight 1550kg
  • Heat capacity 29Kw

Gas-Fired Pizza Oven 140

The gas revolving pizza oven 140 is the largest Kuma gas oven.
It is able to cook 13 pizzas at the same time and despite this great number of products, thanks to the rotating cooking floor, it ensures uniformly cooked pizzas without human intervention. By using the gas rotating pizza oven 140, you will be able to serve not only many pizzas simultaneously in a faster way but also perfectly cooked products without spending money for a pizza maker who otherwise should move pizzas closer to or farther from the heat source.

Like all other Kuma Forni oven models, the gas rotating pizza oven 140 is equipped with an innovative control panel, patented by the company itself, which enables you to control the oven in a technological way, to select the temperature, to hear a sound signal when pizzas are almost ready and much more. The oven, also characterised by an automatic temperature control.

Specifications of the wood-fired rotating pizza oven 140:

  • Capacity 13 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
  • Rotating floor 140cm
  • Depth 196cm
  • Width 180cm
  • Flue 20cm
  • Weight 1750kg
  • Heat capacity 29Kw

Gas-Fired Pizza Oven SX (left) 85

The gas mini oven SX (firebox on the left) 85 is the smallest rotating oven of the pizza oven industry.
It is functional and practical and it is able to cook 60 pizzas in one hour. The gas mini oven SX 85 is a flagship designed by our expert technicians in order to meet the needs of small restaurants, bars or pubs as well as of those pizzerias looking for an additional oven to face the busiest time.

This oven is equipped with all the same features of its “larger brothers” by Kuma Forni such as the oven access to the firebox, the adjacent burners with different access, the control panel and much more.  Thanks to its small size the gas mini oven can be delivered already assembled.

Specifications of the wood-fired rotating pizza oven SX85 :

  • Capacity 4 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
  • Rotating floor 85cm
  • Depth 125cm
  • Width 145cm
  • Flue 16cm
  • Weight 900kg
  • Heat capacity 23Kw

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