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On this page you will find our answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked by our customers.

What are the characteristics that make ovens unique?

The basic features that characterize the rotating pizza ovens are unique and patented:

  • Always hot cooking floor,
  • Easy and fast control of the electronic components;
  • First-rate materials used for manufacturing revolving ovens;

The Kuma ovens, unlike other ovens produced by competitors in the sector, ensure a constant heat, allowing the pizza dough to achieve a uniform cooking with an extremely easy procedure and in very short times.

What is the technological revolution behind the rotating pizza oven?

The technological revolution at the base of the rotating pizza oven is the exclusive rotating mechanism, which makes the work of the pizza maker much simpler, no longer forced to continuously control the degree of cooking of the pizza. This saves time, allowing the preparation of a greater number of pizzas and lower average waiting times. The technological innovation also passes through the centralized computer that allows you to set the time and degree of cooking of the pizzas.

Are all the materials used in the realization of pizza ovens made in Italy?

Yes, all our products are realized with made in Italy materials and patented technologies, which guaranteed high quality and a durable seal. The materials are precious, highly refractory, high in alumina content, mixed, inserted into the appropriate molds and immediately vibrated. This process allows ovens to obtain the highest quality standards of the sector, guaranteeing our buyers a unique and long-lasting product.

How many pizzas can i cook by using revolving pizza ovens?

Our revolving pizza ovens ensure from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 180 pizzas per hour.
They are both gas and wood-fired and they are perfect to be installed in pizzerias with a great number of customers.
If you are still not sure about the potential of our ovens, watch the video of New York Brick Oven that set a World Record: 200 pizzas in one hour thanks to our revolving ovens!

What temperature do pizzas have to be cooked at?

Pizzas have to be cooked at a temperature ranging from 280° to 320°. The specific temperature depends on the number of pizzas in the oven, on their leavening process, on the chef’s cooking preferences (some chefs prefer cooking pizzas for a shorter time but at a hotter temperature, some others prefer cooking them for longer and at a lower temperature), and on many other factors. Our gas, wood-fired and “Mix” (fired by both) revolving pizza ovens are particularly appreciated by the workers in the sector because of the uniform cooking method they are able to ensure.

What are the differences between traditional and rotating pizza ovens?

Unlike traditional pizza ovens, our rotating oven ensures a uniform cooking method and an important saving of money as the pizza chef is just in charge of loading and unloading pizzas. Therefore, the revolving oven offers an economic advantage besides perfect cooked pizzas. Our ovens rotate and move pizzas near and away from the heat source, thus cooking them uniformly without human intervention. From now on the pizza chef has not to move the pizzas inside the oven anymore, he has just to concentrate on prepearing new pizzas and, some minutes later, on serving the cooked ones.

Does a rotating oven need much maintenance?

No, it doesn’t. A rotating oven does not need particular maintenance. Simple routine cleaning is recommended every 6 months in order to ensure a correct management of our oven. Moreover, keeping the cooking floor always clean is very important to get a healthy and delicious pizza, above all if you use wood-fired ovens as they leave some residual combustion products inside. Should you have any problem with our revolving ovens, please contact our customer service that will solve it as soon as possible.

Is it true that rotating ovens offer a more uniform pizza cooking method?

Absolutely yes, our rotating ovens ensure a more uniform pizza cooking method. This is due to the fact that the cooking floor rotates at a constant speed so it moves pizzas near and away from the heat source and it prevents them from burning or not being well cooked. If you choose one of our gas, wood-fired and gas/wood-fired pizza ovens, you will be able to cook great amounts of pizzas at the same time and you will have not to worry about serving unevenly cooked pizzas any more.

How many pizzas can I cook at the same time?

In our revolving ovens you can cook from 4 to 13 pizzas every 2 minutes (variable); it depends on the oven series. Kuma 85 Mini Oven cooks 4 pizzas (Ø33cm), series 105 cooks 7 pizzas at the same time, series 125 9 pizzas; whereas series 140 can cook even 13 pizzas. The peculiarity of our ovens consists not only in the great number of pizzas they can cook at the same time but also in the ability of serving delicious and uniformly cooked pizzas. Thanks to the rotating cooking surface that moves pizzas near and away from the heat source, all pizzas inside the oven will be perfectly cooked in few minutes.

Series 105, 125 and 140 can be both gas, wood-fired and “Mix” (fired by both gas and wood). Whereas Kuma 85 Mini Oven can only be either gas or wood-fired.

What advantages does a gas/wood-fired (mix) oven offer?

The gas/wood-fired revolving oven, which we also call “Mix”, is an innovative and technological product that optimises your work. The perfect use of this kind of oven is divided into two steps:

Initially you can use the gas burner to heat up the oven to the desired cooking temperature. An automatic control system makes supervision very simple.
Then you can use wood to cook pizzas and keep the oven temperature steady, as if it was a real wood-fired oven.
The gas/wood-fired revolving oven perfectly meets the needs of those customers who feel at ease with a wood-fired oven but at the same time it satisfies also those who work better with gas ovens.

Which oven would you suggest putting in a pizzeria? A wood-fired oven or a gas oven?

The number of pizzas cooked with a wood-fired oven or a gas oven is the same. In the collective imagination a wood-fired oven ensures a better pizza cooking method and it makes pizzas tastier than the gas ones. Actually, the quality of pizza is absolutely the same. In brief, each kind of oven offers its advantage:

The gas oven is more practical as it has not wood and it gets the pizzeria less dirty;
Whereas a wood-fired oven is more appreciated by the customers who tend to prefer pizzerias equipped with wood-fired ovens.
Moreover, wood and gas smoke is harmful. Our revolving pizza oven enables it to go outside but at the same time it stores heat, thus ensuring a healthy and tasty pizza.

How can I choose the right oven for my pizzeria?

Ovens are key elements for a pizzeria and they absolutely have to do their best to meet the pizza chef’s needs. The main factor to be borne in mind to make the right decision is certainly the number of pizzas you have to cook. According to the amount of pizzas you usually cook each time, you can choose among our gas, wood-fired and gas/wood-fired oven series:

Series 105: capacity 7 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
Series 125: capacity 9 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
Seies 140: capacity 13 pizzas (Ø 33cm)
Series 85 Mini oven: capacity 4 pizzas (Ø 33 cm)
Contact us immediately and we will offer you the perfect revolving pizza oven for your pizzeria!

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